#UNHSocial • February 2019

February 2019: Social Media Review

It’s mid-winter on the campus of the University of New Hampshire and the snow is slowly melting, students are bundled up on their way to class, the winter sports season is winding down, and there is chatter amongst our seniors about gradation already! Even better? Spring is not too far away. Let’s take a look at the social media highlights at UNH for February 2019…


Our February 6th post was a student profile and part of our Voices of Wildcats series. Grey Miller ’20 was our top Facebook post for the month of February collecting 1,189 engagements and reaching 21,332 people. The Facebook post also had 13 shares, 31 comments, and 260 reactions (likes).

Another popular post on Facebook in February was part two of behind the scenes with UNH Men’s Hockey. This time, we showed more of the academic side and what it was like leading up to the 20th anniversary of White out the Whitt against our rivals from the University of Maine. We also boosted this post for 5 days and targeted hockey fans in the northern New England area.

The video reached 51,764 people on Facebook with 2,466 engagements. There were 1,366 clicks to play the entire video with 8 clicks to purchase tickets. The video also collected 270 likes, 24 shares, and 19 comments. The top audience? Men 25–34 in Massachusetts.

At the end of the month, the UNH Facebook page had 2,652,775 total impressions with 244,065 total post engagements and 278 new page likes. UNH on Facebook has 58,937 total page likes as of February 28th, 2019.


The top tweet for the month of February was all about the student athlete. It collected 33 likes, 37 link clicks, and 3 retweets with 8,435 impressions and 378 engagements with an engagement rate of 4.5%.

Check out this Wildcat moment captured on @UofNH Twitter in February…

These Wildcats tied the knot in UNH style! We were so happy to be a part of their BIG day and with this tweet, we collected 7,771 impressions and 458 total engagements. #UNHLove 💙

As February ended, UofNH on Twitter added 83 new followers with 473 mentions, 6,403 profile visits, and 427,000 impressions. UofNH on Twitter has 28,002 total followers at the end of February 2019.


#UNHLove was in full display at Loon Mountain in February. We re-posted this photo of two Wildcats on their wedding day via Instagram and it gathered 2,115 likes, 15 comments, and 12 saves to make it the top photo post for February. The photo also had an engagement rate of 8.5% with nearly 25,000 impressions and a reach of 16,750. We’re so lucky to be a part of their wedding day!

There are over 500 million people using Instagram Stories each day and the numbers continue to rise... UNH has been using Instagram Stories since the beginning of the platform and we love it, especially for covering live events and student takeovers!

The story had 164,264 total impressions and a reach of 147,231 with a completion rate of 97%.

We posted 79 stories in February and had 403,745 total impressions with an average reach rate of 17.83%.

UofNH on Instagram had 25,614 followers, adding 261 new fans as February ended…


The University of New Hampshire had 7,015 page views in February with 2,805 unique visitors to our LinkedIn page.

The top post in February was in regards to Semester in the City with Emily Woods ‘19. It had nearly 21,000 impressions and 269 click-throughs, with 106 likes, 8 comments, and 2 shares.

The professional and location demographics of our followers show 11.43% are in education with just over 64% in the greater Boston area.

See more below…

LinkedIn Top Job Functions of UNH Followers — February 2019
LinkedIn Top Locations of UNH Followers — February 2019

The University of New Hampshire added 332 new connections and now has 101,286 followers on LinkedIn as February came to a close…


UNH on YouTube has 2,990 subscribers as February 2019 ends with over 38,800 minutes watched. The top watched video in February was, ‘UNH Hockey Behind The Scenes 2018–19 Episode 2.’ The video collected more than 5,425 minutes of watch time with the average watch time of three minutes and seventeen seconds (3:17).

The UNH Hockey video’s largest audience on YouTube was 18 to 24 year old males in the United States with 74 views in Canada. The video also collected 27 likes, 29 shares, and added 1 new subscriber, and so far, 12 people have added it to their own YouTube playlists. Get your popcorn ready… again.

The UNH Podcast

The UNH Podcats continues to succeed! February was a busy month for the podcasting team, with many special guests including staff, students, faculty, and alumni. There were 306 downloads in February and our top podcast was Dylan Wheeler ’19 with 59 downloads.

As February ended, The UNHPodcats had more than 2,700 downloads. By the way, we’re on iTunes if you want to subscribe…

Thank you for reading this month’s update from #UNHSocial. Remember, spring is not too far away, Wildcats! 👍🏼

Written by Jason Boucher, UNH Social Media Captain (3/6/2019)



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