Rise to the #UNH603 Challenge: Campus Partner Tips & Resources

The 603 Challenge is an annual fundraiser for the University of New Hampshire. This post is a tool to help campus departments and organizations promote the campaign.

#UNH603 Challenge Partners Have #UNHSocial’s Support
🐾 Visit this blog post at bit.ly/unh603tips frequently to get tips & best practices for posts.
🐾 Download pre-made graphics for various social platforms.
🐾 Access links to resources in one place (ie, the Quiz & Video).
🐾 Overcome writer’s block with ideas for effective & creative posts.

The 603 Challenge Logo: Save this .png files to overlay onto your photos, or post on its own.

What are the 2017 campaign details?
🐾 150 hours to give; Saturday June 3, 12:03 p.m. to Friday June 9, 6:03 p.m.
🐾 $150,000 in matching funds, up to $150 per person.
🐾 Additional matching funds will become available for ‘Bonus Challenges,’ and these will be announced at unh.edu/603.

Tip: Share stats from previous years and challenge followers to do even better.

What you can do now:
🐾 Take photos while students are on campus posing themselves or with items shaped as UNH, 603 and/or 150.
🐾 Get quotes from students on how a gift to your department would impact them personally. Do the same for professors, department heads or others.
🐾 Pull up stats from last year’s 603 Challenge and create a goal for this year. Design a graphic or find a photo to post with it.
🐾 Take advantage of Facebook’s scheduler, and if you have access to Hootsuite, or another scheduling tool do this for Twitter & Instagram, too.
🐾 Add a save-the-date or link in your email signature, and tell people about it personally.
🐾 Recreate old photos with a modern twist!

Throwback photos are a great place to start! Recreate them for an awesome ‘Then & Now’ comparison.

What you can do the week before the 603 Challenge:
🐾 Say you’re ‘going’ to the Facebook Event, and invite coworkers, students, and alumni in your friend’s list. Share it on your pages too.
🐾 Take the UNH Quiz and share your results. NOTE: Final quiz link will be posted here mid May.
🐾 Share the video explaining the campaign, focusing on matching funds. NOTE: The YouTube link will be posted here mid May.
🐾 Become a ‘SocialCAT’ if you aren’t already, and share #UNH603 Social Toaster posts. You can also win UNH prizes! Sign up: unh.socialtoaster.com.

UNH 603 Quiz sample question

What you can do during the 603 Challenge:
🐾 Change your profile links to direct people to make a gift to your area at unh.edu/603.
🐾 Check unh.edu/603 for updates, and post about them.
🐾 Share your unique ‘SocialCATS’ recruitment link. You’ll earn 100 points per person who signs up using your link! It is available at unh.socialtoaster.com.
🐾 Use all your channels to get the word out; incl. Email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, etc.
🐾 Be attentive to activity on social media and respond accordingly. Thank donors, re-tweet, comment and/or share post when it makes sense.

Sample thank you tweet

Posts should include:
🐾 The Hashtag #UNH603
🐾 When Possible, the Tagline: ‘Rise to the #UNH603 Challenge’
🐾 Photos, as posts with photos perform better than those without
🐾 Campaign Details

Sample post idea: They can be as simple or complicated you have the resources for!

Share UNH’s daily posts:
🐾 Campaign updates
🐾 Thank-you tweets to donors
🐾 Quotes from donors on Facebook
🐾 Thank you videos to donors, daily Monday through Friday. These will be pre-scripted Periscope live videos featuring various campus partners.

Create your own posts, too:
🐾 Using your own voice connects you to your fans.


Tips for UNH 603 Challenge campus partners on social media


Tips for personal social media accounts during the UNH 603 Challenge


Download these images to use on your social media sites, and don’t forget you can post them on your personal page!

UNH 603 Facebook Cover Photo
It may look like white space, but above is the 603 Challenge logo with white text. Right-click and download it to use on your graphics or photos with a dark background.

The 603 Challenge logo can be added to your photos using Photoshop, or a free phone app. To the left is the logo with white font; the version with blue font is at the top of this blog post.

Thank you for Rising to the #UNH603 Challenge!

If you have any social media related questions, please email social.media@unh.edu

Written by Kris Bowden ‘02, UNH Assistant Producer of Social Media



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