UNH Social Media | September 2018

September 2018: Social Media Review

The first full month of fall classes at the University of New Hampshire has already come to a close. It’s hard to believe it’s already October! There were many exciting events this past month including UDay, Ocean Discovery Day, TEDx Portsmouth, the Paul College Digital Marketing Symposium, and an abundance of UNH Wildcats sports with the 2018 autumn debut of field hockey, cross country, volleyball, football, and men’s and women’s soccer. Let’s take a look back at how events and posts played out on social media with our audience and what was the most engaging content…


The post with the highest reach in September was an aerial photo simply stating it was just another day in paradise. The Facebook post had reached 9,000 people with 22 comments, 9 shares, and more than 500 reactions and 858 post clicks.

As far as impressions are concerned, the top Facebook post was our Class of 2022 infographic, which collected more than 15,000 impressions.

There was 49,626 total minutes of video viewed on our Facebook Page in September and the top video welcomed everyone back with a great time lapse of the first day of class. It had more than 1,555 minutes of view time and the top audience was women 45–54 years old.

The greatest number of people talking about our Facebook Page by gender and age in September was men and women, 18–24 years old. The highest engagement rate came from women 45–54 years old.

There were 161 new page likes and 174 new followers in September giving us a total of 58,185 Facebook fans at the close of September 2018.

UNH Facebook Engagement


I know, we’re the Wildcats, but our top tweet in September went to the dogs, er puppies is more like it. This #UNHPup had 10 retweets and 77 likes. We also gained 7 new followers from this dog-gone tweet!

Twitter continues to impress us, as we sent 76 tweets in September with 245 retweets, 601 link clicks, and over 709,000 impressions with 2,000 mentions and 9,000 profile visits... phew!

We gained 163 new followers for a total of 27,600 at the end of September. Our engagement between gender is almost even with 51% to 49% in very slight favor of men.

The top interests of @UofNH Twitter followers


Just like Twitter, the UNH Wildcats are in love with puppies! This lil’ guy is named Tyson and he was our top Instagram post in September with 2,705 likes and 14 comments. Tyson also had a 12% engagement rate and a reach of 16,100.

Runners up for top Instagram post included the outdoor pool, UDay, and the UNH Fire Department’s 9–11 memorial fire hydrant.

Runners Up for Top @UofNH Instagram Post in September 2018
The amount of @UofNH Instagram followers continues to climb.

The average engagement rate for the @UofNH Instagram feed in September was 6% and we had an average of 8 comments per post. There were 911,800 impressions and the average reach per post was 58%. When the month ended we had increased our Instagram followers to 23,612, which is a 2.3% gain from the previous month.

Instagram Stories.

The top Instagram Story as far as impressions are concerned, was our UDay story. It had 129,273 impressions and was surely the most visible story of the month. Many of the slides featured students winning t-shirts, UNH Alex & Ani bracelets and more…

The individual Instagram slide with the most impressions however, was the #UNH22 Infographic, which demonstrated all the fun facts about our newest class of Wildcats.

The average completion rate for our Instagram Stories in September was 95.33%, which was down -0.3 (95.36%) compared to August.

Overall, our impressions were outstanding and were the highest total this year with 615,000. Instagram Stories continues to impress us and is our most engaging, and fun social media app right now.

#ThisIsUNH on Instagram

This Is UNH.

Our new Instagram account is called instagram.com/thisisunh. This is our new home for student takeovers, replacing Snapchat for many reasons. In fact, listen to the Hashtag Higher Ed Podcast from eCity Interactive featuring me, Jason Boucher, and learn more about authenticity and how #ThisIsUNH has changed the game. We started this account in August and after one month, we’ve have over 700 followers, great authentic content to share with our admissions team and help prospective students understand life at UNH from a student’s perspective.


During September, there were many new videos created and posted to social media. One of the highlights was our welcome back time lapse (see video above). There were 76 new subscribers to our channel in September for a total of 2,693. More than 200 of our videos were added to other YouTube playlists with 245 videos shared.

The month of September also had 53,344 minutes of watch time and an average view time of 1:41. Lastly, 89% of our videos were watched on our YouTube page with only 11% of views from embedded external websites and apps.

Top videos watched in September:


UNH LinkedIn Visitor Demographics

Our page views are up 6% and unique visitors are up 3% over the previous 30 day period. There are 100,589 total followers on our LinkedIn page at the end of September, which is up 31% from the previous month. Our top locations are Boston Metro area, New York City, Portland, Maine, Washington, D.C., and San Francisco, California.

The top LinkedIn post for engagement in September came from the #UNHNYC network, which was a targeted post asking alumni in the greater New York City area to join us in Manhattan to meet the new president and share a cocktail. The post had an engagement rate over 6% and a click through rate (CTR) over 5.25%.

Mentions and Engagement | September 2018

In Closing…

The University of New Hampshire’s potential reach in September was 33.3 billion through earned media. UNH did have 6.5 thousand mentions in September and more than 122 thousand engagements.

September really is the best month of the year in New Hampshire. There are still beautiful summer days and warm, bright sunshine, but towards the end of the month, there is also that crisp fall air and cool nights to enjoy with friends by the fire…

And now its October, a month full of activities, including Homecoming, President Dean’s Inauguration, UNH Family Weekend, and of course Halloween. I hope this report has inspired you, or enlightened you to explore the content and campaigns that the UNH social media team produces each day and on a constant basis, always trying to do better with each new post.

Please contact us with any questions or comments. Happy Autumn!

Written by Jason Boucher, Captain of the UNH social media team. Find more at unh.edu/social. 💻



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