Social Media Report for UNH, 2/2017

Social Media Recap: February 2017

Welcome to the February 2017 social media report for The University of New Hampshire. While February is the shortest month of the year, it certainly isn’t the quietest month. There was plenty of content to share on all our platforms, including some huge announcements, which you’ll see in our report below…

In February 2017, @UofNH on Twitter had more than 497,000 impressions. There were more than 23,200 profile visits and 858 mentions. We gained 353 new Twitter followers, which adds to our 60th straight month of increased followers.

Our top tweet in February was our silly reply to @USNEWS, thanking them for rating New Hampshire the number two best state in America. The tweet received 17, 456 impressions with 32 retweets and 87 likes.

Our top mention came from the @UNHInsider when they shared Ellie Purrier’s update, in which her Wanamaker Mile run was the 2nd best by collegian this year and a personal best. The tweet collected 1,064 engagements with 77 likes, 18 retweets, and 2 replies.

Out top follower on Twitter for the month of February was singer Katherine Gazda, who has a verified account and almost 1.5 million followers.

@UofNH Twitter followers at the end of February 2017

February ended with @UofNH having 22,319 Twitter followers, which was a gain of 353 for the month.

The top Facebook post for total reach in February 2017 was the announcement of our new tuition-free plan for hundreds of New Hampshire students, called the ‘Granite Guarantee.’

This Facebook post reached more 142,860 people and had over 1,100 reactions, comments, and shares. There were 616 total shares of this Facebook post.

The ‘Granite Guarantee’ was also our top Facebook post for total engagement. There were 101 total comments and total reactions broke down like this: 3,591 likes, 300 love, 8 HaHa, 179 Wow, 7 Sad, and 7 Angry. There were over 4,900 link clicks to read the story.

February ended with the UNH Facebook Page adding 630 new likes for a total of 46,777 fans.

Most new likes were coming directly from our Facebook Page & Uncategorized Desktop (?) in February 2017.

The most-liked and most engaging @UofNH Instagram photo in February was this incredible sunset taken after a recent snowfall on campus. Photo was taken by a current student, which we credited in the post. This photo received over 2,225 likes. Our Instagram account gained 449 new followers in February 2017 and is now at 17,775 followers with an average of 908 likes per post. We received 25,429 total likes on 28 Instagram posts in February. Truly amazing results!

A LinkedIn update shows the new UNH page has more than 89,858 followers, which is a gain of 24 new followers last month. More than 79,000 followers identify as part of our UNH Alumni community.

A breakdown of who’s following our new LinkedIn Page uses five types of demographic data filtered by seniority, industry, job function, company size, and more. The majority of our visitors are entry members of their company and work in higher education. More data to come once LinkedIn completes the merging of University and Company pages. Look for more in the March 2017 report.

A quick look at how Snapchat is doing at UNH shows us with over 2,880 followers right now and growing each day. In February, we had 32 stories with over 19,000 opens and an average of 1,500 views per snap. The completion rate of each snap story is 94%, which is very high and very awesome.

Statistics for the ‘uofnh’ Snapchat account from

UNH Alumni & Social Media

Here’s what we did on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram in February 2017 with the UNH Alumni accounts:

In February, we had more than 81,600 impressions with UNHAlums on Twitter. There were 1,225 profile views and 206 mentions. We gained 33 new Twitter followers for @UNHAlums, too.

Our top tweet for February 2017 was a retweet from former UNH hockey player Kevin Regan at UNH family hockey night at The Whittemore Center. The tweet received 3,577 impressions including 1 retweet and 10 likes.

The top @UNHAlums mention was the original tweet from Kevin Regan at UNH family hockey night. His tweet collected more than 1,162 engagements — 4 retweets, 2 replies, and 74 favorites.

February ended with @UNHAlums gaining 33 new Twitter followers for at total of 5,118 followers.

The top UNH Alumni Facebook post in February for reach was the ‘Throwback Thursday’ post about Winter Carnival in 1950. The post reached 7,477 people and had 69 likes, 2 comments, and 4 shares. There were over 40 link clicks to the archives, too.

The top UNH Alumni Facebook post in February 2017 for engagement was the ‘Granite Guarantee.’ It had 92 reactions, comments, and shares with almost 900 link clicks.

January ended with the UNH Alumni Facebook Page adding 26 new likes for a total of 6,450.


The top UNHAlumni Instagram photo was Jennifer Lee, who just won another Oscar as a co-writer for Disney’s animated film, Zootopia.

The post received 264 likes. The @UNHAlumni Instagram account now has 4,246 followers at the end of February, which is a gain of 107 new followers. We’ve also begun to use Instagram Stories with UNHAlumni and UofNH. Watch our Wednesday Alumni Takeovers on the UNH Alumni Instagram!

For even more information, about UNH and social media, please visit Written by Jason Boucher.



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