Social Media Review: April 2018

Hard to believe that the month of April is now in the rear view mirror and we’re on to the last days of the spring semester at The University of New Hampshire. There were tons of events and happening all over campus in April from the exciting announcement of our new president James W.Dean Jr., to the announcement of our commencement speaker, L.L. Bean Chairman Shawn Gorman ‘89. Also, we can’t forget the spring SCOPE concert, the annual LGBTQ+ Pancake Breakfast, The Undergraduate Research Conference (URC) and so much more. Let’s take a moment to review the best moments of April as told through UNH social media…

UNH announced James W. Dean Jr. as the new president on April 4, 2018.

Our top organic Facebook post in April was the announcement of James W. Dean Jr. who was named the 20th president of UNH. The Facebook post gathered more than 34,759 impressions.

The total reach for this post was 21,491 people with 70 total shares, 96 total comments for a grand total of 773 reactions with a 10% engagement rate.

Our audience on Facebook is highest in the 18–24 age range.

The consumption data for the post showed a total of 2,918 clicks, which were mostly part of the reactions and comments, but 807 clicks went to the article and video announcing the new president.

The top paid Facebook post in April 2018 was about global education at The University of New Hampshire. UNH was recognized for making international study and internships more accessible and was ranked as one of the top 10 institutions of our size by the Gilman International Scholarship program last year. We reached 76,639 people of which 71,439 were part of the paid audience and we had more than 12,500 engagements with over 400 photo clicks.

The targeted audience was ages 18 to 65+ in six continents that attended UNH or work at the university. The purpose of this post was to spread awareness of our award winning programs around the world.

In April 2018, The University of New Hampshire increased Facebook followers with 682 page likes (+20% over previous month) with an overall reach of 241,689 people (+30% over previous month) and 93,762 post engagements (+30% over previous month).

Professor Michael McCann, UNH Law

The tweet with the most impressions in April featured Professor Mike McCann from UNH School of Law. He’s a legal expert and was a featured speaker at a recent panel about legal implications for athletes kneeling for the national anthem. The tweet gained 26,125 impressions with 130 engagements, 17 likes, 9 retweets, 4 link clicks, and a 1% engagement rate.

The tweet with the highest engagement was the announcement of the new president, James W. Dean Jr., which gathered 1,117 engagements, 125 likes, 51 retweets, 158 link clicks, and had a 5.1% engagement rate.

At the end of the month, @UofNH had a total of 443,000 impressions, 13,100 profile visits, 918 mentions, and we gained 261 new followers for a total of 27,261 followers. That is 74 months in a row of positive growth and engagement on Twitter.

Top UNH Instagram post for April 2018

The Instagram photo with the most engagement in April was an aerial photo over Congreve Hall showing most of campus on a recent warm day. The photo gathered 8 comments, 14 saves, and received 1,900 likes. The engagement rate on this particular photo was 9% with more than 20,500 impressions and a reach of 15,883.

Our Instagram account earned 334 new followers in April for a total of 21,575, which is an increase of 1.57% compared to the previous month. We also averaged 977 likes and 7 comments per media posted this month with more than 19,533 likes received on our posts. Our total impressions for the month of April was 808,415 and our reach was 254,269.

#InstaUNH photo on Instagram

We continue to showcase a student photo from Instagram each Monday on our Facebook page. By sharing user-generated content from Instagram, we engage more of our audience and encourage students and staff to take photos of our beautiful campus. We continue to share the love and pride of UNH! Use the hashtag #InstaUNH and you can participate, too!

Cat Chats on @UofNH Instagram Stories

For Instagram stories, our average impressions in April were 4,133 per story and our average reach was 3,542 per story.

Oh, here’s a quick glance inside the 2018 URC...

Undergraduate Research Conference on @UofNH Instagram Stories.

Our top reaching Instagram Story in April involved the announcement of our new president James W. Dean Jr. Swiping up would take the user to the press release announcing the new president, which also featured a video welcome. We reached more than 4,800 people on Instagram with this announcement.

The average reach for @UofNH Instagram Stories in April was 3,542 per story with 500,012 total impressions (+12.57% from previous month), 428,644 reached (+13.28% from previous month), and a 95.58% completion rate (+0.16% from previous month).

Follow @UofNH on Instagram and be one of our 21,575 followers this month.

The UNH Podcats spoke with Elinor Purrier ’18, who is an NCAA track and field national champion graduating this spring. Click above to listen and subscribe! Our students love talking to other students, staff, and alumni each week on the podcast. We now have over 1,000 downloads since we began back in late October. Exciting!

Our podcasts are available on iTunes, Google Play, Soundcloud, and Stitcher.

Follow us on Snapchat (UofNH)

The Snapchat takeovers continue to be our only real content on Snapchat due to lower engagement and open rates due with the recent redesign. Our open rate continued to average below 25% in April, sadly. I’ve mentioned this before, and I really do wish we could provide more analytics for Snapchat, but it’s just not available, unfortunately.

Here’s a UNH Snapchat Takeover from Emma Conner ’20 from the Peter T. Paul School of Business and Economics. They recently hosted the Women in Business Conference, where Emma showed us an exciting day of panels, discussions, and speakers.

Snapchat Takeover with Emma Conner ‘20

Our top LinkedIn post in April earned 37,945 impressions, 511 link clicks with 156 likes, four comments, and an engagement rate of 1.82%. We acquired 498 new followers in April for a total of 97,686 followers on our LinkedIn page with over 87,985 self-identifying as alumni.

Our top five LinkedIn regions in the U.S. for April 2018 (in order) are Boston, New York City, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., followed by Portland, Maine.

April 2018: Top job functions of followers to the UNH LinkedIn page.
Top keywords in April 2018

UNH received a total of 26,105,084 impressions (+10,057,452 impressions over previous month). 6,279 social media mentions (+699 mentions over previous month), and a positive sentiment (less than 4% negative) in April.

Top keywords associated with UNH in April 2018: Students, 2018, College, work, study, April, food, school team, great.

Thanks for following #UNHSocial! Check back next month for even more social media news and information from the University of New Hampshire. Go Wildcats! #UNHSocial #IBelieveInUNH

Written by Jason Boucher




We create meaningful and engaging content for The University of New Hampshire and provide blog posts, case studies, social media tips, tricks and more.

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UNH Social Media

We create meaningful and engaging content for The University of New Hampshire and provide blog posts, case studies, social media tips, tricks and more.

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