May 2018: Social Media Review

Social Media Review: May 2018

And just like that, another academic year comes to a close at The University of New Hampshire. Unity Day, Final exams, Senior Week, A Farewell to President Huddleston, Wildcat Sendoff, Honors, and Commencement filled up a busy month in Durham, Manchester, and Concord. Let’s take a look back and see what the top social media content was during the month of May.


Our top organic Facebook post in May was the video highlights of the 2018 Commencement celebration. The Facebook post gathered more than 108,372 impressions!

The total reach for this post was 64,633 people with 384 total shares, 309 total comments for a grand total of 3,243 reactions (2,600 likes) with a 11% engagement rate.

UNH Facebook Audience by Gender and Age Information

The consumption data for the post showed a total of 8,872 clicks, which were mostly part of the reactions and comments, but 1,272 clicks were to play the video.

The top paid Facebook post in May 2018 was The all new Wildcat Quiz asking, “What is your Wildcat habitat?”

We reached 52,285 people of which 50,254 were part of the paid audience and we had 772 reactions, comments, and shares with 913 link clicks. A total of 2,747 engagements occurred due to the boosting of this fun Facebook post.

The targeted audience was ages 18 to 65+ in the United States that have an interest in the University of New Hampshire according to Facebook. The purpose of this post was to create fun and engaging content ahead of #UNHReunion weekend and the (603) Challenge fundraiser beginning on June 3rd.

In May 2018, The University of New Hampshire increased Facebook followers with 776 page likes (+18% over the previous month of April) with an overall reach of 1,101,133 people (an amazing +403% over the previous month of April) and 226,890 post engagements (+151% over the previous month of April).


The tweet with the most engagement in May featured the @UNHWildcats NCAA national champion Elle Purrier. She’s the 2018 national champ of the indoor mile, so we had some fun with this tweet since she ran to the stage to be recognized during commencement by President Huddleston. The tweet gained 12,725 impressions with 907 engagements, 82 likes,11 retweets, 48 link clicks, and a 9% engagement rate.

Our top mention on Twitter in May was from Dylan Chanter, a graduating senior and member of the UNH Wildcats hockey team. He shared a video about his best friend’s battle with Crohn’s disease. The tweet gathered 1,340 engagements, 138 likes, 54 retweets.

At the end of the month, @UofNH had a total of 607,100 impressions, 15,400 profile visits, 824 mentions, and we gained 280 new followers for a total of 27,320 followers. That is 75 months in a row of positive growth and engagement on Twitter.


The Instagram photo with the most engagement in May was a “graduating” Golden Retriever at commencement. The photo gathered 14 comments, 12 saves, and received 2,152 likes. The engagement rate for this photo was 10% with more than 20,100 impressions and a reach of 14,731.

Our Instagram account earned 234 new followers in May for a total of 21,809, which is an increase of 1.1% compared to the previous month. We also averaged 1,137 likes (+68% over the previous month) and 14 comments per media posted in May (+170% over the previous month) with more than 32,981 total likes received on all posts this month. Our total impressions for May was 1,280,433 and our reach was 297,461.

We continue each week to showcase student photos from Instagram on our Facebook page and elsewhere. By sharing student user-generated content from Instagram, we can engage with more of our audience and encourage students and staff to take photos. We continue to share the love and pride of UNH! Use the hashtag #InstaUNH and you too can participate!


UNH Alumni Instagram Takeover with Bri Custer ‘14

For Instagram stories, our average impressions in May were way up, which is exciting as we continue to focus on Instagram Stories rather than Snapchat. Our number of impressions increased by 72.3% (861,450) compared to the previous month (500,012).

Our top reaching Instagram Story in May 2018 involved a play on the Yanny versus Laurel debate, where we created our own version, asking followers what they hear: Gnarlz or Wild E? Both happen to be our Wildcat mascots! The winner, by a long shot, was Gnarlz. We had more than 8,100 impressions on this one story and reached over 4,700 people. The reach rate was almost 22% and the completion rate was 95%.

The average reach for @UofNH Instagram Stories in May was 3,375 per story with 861,450 total impressions (+72% increase from previous month), 725,448 reached (+69% increase from previous month), and a 95% completion rate.

Follow @UofNH on Instagram and be one of our 21,855 followers this month.


Before the school year came to a close, UNH Podcats spoke with Alexys Gilcreast ’18, who already has a job lined up following her graduation. Hear how her time at UNH prepared her for a little less stress here college career comes to a close. Click above to listen and subscribe! Our students talk to other UNH students, staff members, faculty, and alumni each week on the podcast. We now have almost 1,200 downloads since we began back the podcast only 7 months ago.

UNH Podcats is available on iTunes, Google Play, Soundcloud, and Stitcher.

Follow UofNH on Snapchat


The Snapchat platform is still alive, but the engagement and impressions is very low. Snapchat takeovers continue to be our only real content on Snapchat because of the low open rates and lack of users using Snapchat Discover.

Our open rate continued to average below 20% in May. As I’ve mentioned before, I wish we could provide more analytics for Snapchat, but it’s just not available.

Here’s a UNH Snapchat Takeover from Carla Vercellone ’19, who works with Annual Giving and the UNH Phonathan. She took over our Snapchat during Philanthropy Day on campus, teaching students the power of Philanthropy and giving back.


The top UNH YouTube video for May 2018 was the livestream of the 2018 UNH Commencement with 45,371 minutes watched and 2,797 views. The average watch duration was 16 minutes and 13 seconds.

For May 2018, the total watch time was 119,907 minutes, which is an increase of 39% over the previous month. 465 total likes, 13 comments, 431 shares, and 300 videos were added to playlists last month. May comes to an end with 2,406 YouTube subscribers.


Our top LinkedIn post in May earned 30,455 impressions, 11,567 video views, 247 link clicks with 297 likes, 13 comments, and an engagement rate of 1.95%. We acquired 473 new followers in May for a total of 98,190 followers on our LinkedIn page with over 87,057 self-identifying as alumni.

Our top five LinkedIn regions in the U.S. for May 2018 (in order) are Boston, New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, and Washington, D.C.

Top job functions for followers of the UNH LinkedIn Page.
Top keywords associated with UNH in May 2018.


UNH received 20,549,663 impressions (- 5,555,412 impressions less than previous month). We had 5,426 social media mentions (- 853 mentions over previous month), and a positive sentiment (less than 12% negative) in May.

Top keywords associated with UNH in May 2018: Students, 2018, school, work, great, college, graduates, study, develop, congratulations…

Thanks for following #UNHSocial. Check again with us next month for more social media news and information from the University of New Hampshire. Go Wildcats! #UNHSocial #IBelieveInUNH #ThisIsUNH

Written by Jason Boucher



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